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Businesses these days are now becoming more serious, and to be ahead of the competition they are giving priority to the blog in their marketing strategy. Due to this, there is an overcrowding of blogs across every industry which makes it very difficult or we can say a challenging task to attract huge traffic.

If you are still thinking of creating 800-1000 words of content to stand out from the crowd then I would suggest thinking one more time. You need to create something that will make your blog unique in front of visitors. To make your blog post WOW and be noticed by major search engines, you need to use videos that will keep the readers engaged along with well-written and optimised content. 

Video making and editing is not an easy task. It requires an ample amount of effort to create an engaging video especially when it has been created for a blog post. 

I found Flexclip – An online video editor that will make your video creation and editing an easy task. 

In this Flexclip review, you will see how you can easily use this awesome online video editor. After using it you will say bye-bye to that software program that has a very sturdy installation process.


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What is Flexclip?

Flexclip is an online video editor that can be used to create awesome videos. In a flash, a Flexclip user can create a picturesque video or animation. With millions of royalty-free stock media, rich animated elements, and hundreds of templates, Flexclip is the second name of creativity.

Flexclip can be used as a movie maker, slideshow maker, video editor and also as a screen recorder. For using all the above features you do not need to be a pro, Flexclip is very easy to use and newbies can use it without any hassle.

By using this online video editor program a creative person can create videos for social media, YouTube, birthday photo animations or any other purpose. 

Exploring Flexclip Features

Being an easy-to-use online video editing program, you do not need to spend your valuable hours learning to use it. The best part of its features is even if you have never used any video editor, you can fully take control over the features (which are plenty to offer by this awesome online video editor).

“A Super-duper and easy-to-use online video editor, movie maker, image animator, and photo animator”

On the homepage you will see two options:

Create by template – If you want to use their pre-made templates. All you need is the customization of your chosen template as per your requirements. 
Start From Scratch – If you want to create it from scratch.

The template page is well categorised as most popular, promo & sales, lifestyle and recently added. At the bottom of the template page, all the categories of different industries are present. 

Starting from scratch will directly take you to the editor page. Each feature will be discussed in detail further in this Flexclip review

After login, on the left-hand sidebar, different icons will be shown.

Home: It is the main dashboard of the account.

My Project: Your created masterpiece is shown here.

Favorites: If you have saved any template, it will be found here.

Stock video: Library of free stock videos that can be used in creating a video. 

Cloud Storage: It shows storage. No storage for the free plan, 10GB for the basic plan, 30GB for Plus plan, and 100GB of cloud storage for business plan. 

My Fonts: If you have unique fonts to be added to the video, you can upload your fonts here.

My Account: It shows the personal info, such as password (for changing the current password). Connected social accounts, billing, and white list.

The white list feature allows you to solve the copyright content on YouTube. Flexclip provides 100% royalty-free audio and video content. If still by mistake your video is flagged as the wrongful use of copyright content then you can resolve this by submitting your Youtube channel ID to remove the claim automatically.

Language: After clicking it a pop-up will appear to change your preferred language.

Tutorial: A full tutorial for everyone to use Flexclip effectively. 

Easy Guide to Use Flexclip

To get started using Flexclip you need to browse their homepage.

If you want to get directly into the timeline mode, click the start from scratch button on the homepage. if you want to have a choice of mode options viz “Timeline and Storyboard” mode then navigate to the template page or profile page. 

For an easy video creation process, you can select a template. As mentioned earlier in this post, templates are organised very well. You can search templates by entering keywords in the search box. Moreover, you can change templates freely on the editing page.

Adding Media Files

Uploading Local Files: If you want to use your own media files then from the sidebar click on media, to upload video, photo, audio, etc from your computer or mobile phone. To make uploading a media file easier, you can simply drag and drop it.

Sidebar Video/Photos: You can find stock videos/photos from the sidebar that can be dragged to the timeline. There are thousands of GIFs available to make your video/photo more attractive. 

In the media section, all the uploaded or added media will appear that can be used in the timeline. 

Fit to Screen

For a better view, the Zooming slider will help in adjusting the length of the timeline for better view. Similarly the fit-to-screen button will also do the same thing.

Adding Scenes

Like many other online video editing tools, the timeline mode allows you to add as many scenes by simply clicking on the “+” icon. This “+” icon can be found at the end of the track. To delete the scene from the timeline – click on the trash icon. 

The editing scene is the most fun and interesting part of any online video editor.

How to Edit Videos Using Flexclip?

Editing videos using Flexclip is very simple. For doing this you need to click on the video scene which will show different features like:

Transform: To rotate, and flip the video clip you can use the transform button.

Filter: Filters are the best way to add cool effects to videos. One can find a plethora of filter options on the left-hand sidebar. To decorate your video select the filter that is suitable for your needs. 

Speed: Make your video fast motion from 0.2X to 8X. These days slow-motion videos are the trend, speed features allow you to make videos in slow-motion.

How to Edit Photos using Flexclip?

To edit the photo on Flexclip offers a plethora of features.

Background Color: This option will only appear when your photo does not fit into the canvas.

Animation: To make your photo more attractive and graphical, choose the type of animation as per your requirements.

Remove Background: You might have got tired of searching for the best photo background remover and using complicated tools like Photoshop is not your cup of tea. Do not worry and hesitate to use the background remover option in the Flexclip editor. 

Adding Text in Video/Photos Using Flexclip

On the left-hand sidebar, you will find the “Text” option that has hundreds of pre-built text animations. 

If you want to edit text, then click on the “Pen icon” in the top right corner of the canvas. Do furthermore text customization by opening up the text editing panel by clicking on the text.

Get a premium account if you want to upload a custom font type.

Adding Music to Photos/Videos Using Flexclip

We have already guided you on how you can upload the local media files. The editor can add music to the photos or videos through a local music file or from the music library. 

Editing music in the videos/photos is simple, you can drag and adjust to the position of the whole timeline. This adjusting of the music allows you to add multiple music tracks to the timeline. 


After you finish creating your video, drag the play head to the beginning to see the whole video preview. This will be helpful to see the final output of your creation. 

For downloading the video, click on the export button and choose the quality. In all the premium plans you will find cloud storage. Cloud storage is used to store your video, music, and photos to Flexclip. This will reduce the change of data loss.


After using the free version, you will get various features that are needed to customise your project. But, to have all the awesome features to be unlocked, you can select their Business plan to enjoy completing your project with ease.

Apart from the free version, Flexclip has different pricing plans. In the free version, you will have limitations such as:

  • 480p resolution only.
  • The maximum length of the video will be 1 minute.
  • 12 projects are allowed.

If you go for the annual plan then their package will cost you less when compared with monthly billing. When you compare Flexclip annual pricing with any other video editor, it will be much cheaper. 

Suppose you paid for a subscription and you are not convinced then “NO Worries”, Flexclip on all subscription plans offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.


$0 / Mo

  • 480p download
  • Only 1 stock video per project
  • 1 minute video length
  • Only 3 background removal credits



or $71.88 billed annually
  • 720p download
  • Video length upto 3 minutes
  • Custom branding
  • 10GB cloud storage
Most popular choice



or $119.88 billed annually
  • 1080p download
  • Video length upto 10 minutes
  • Custom branding
  • 30GB cloud storage



or $239.88 billed annually
  • 1080p download
  • Video length upto 30 minutes
  • Custom branding
  • 100GB cloud storage

Advantages and Disadvantages

At no cost, Flexclip is the best online video editor that has the motto to help video editing people. The Internet is filled with thousands of online video editors but finding the best one is not an easy job. In this Flexclip review, I have explained all the features but this unbiased Flexclip review would be incomplete without explaining its pros and cons. 

  • Easy to use interface.
  • A plethora of templates to choose from.
  • Royalty-free music.
  • Royalty-free video.
  • Its web interface can be easily accessed from any device.
  • No physical disk space is required.
  • No watermark on free and paid plans.
  • Paid plans have lots of awesome features.
  • Video duration is less in the free plan.
  • Video quality is low in the free plan.

Flexclip Review –  Final Verdict

Flexclip online video editor has more pros than cons. This application is perfect for experts as well as for beginners. For the experts as well as for the beginners. For the experts, this online video editor is very easy to use. The user interface is very neat and clean and helps in creating high-quality video in no time. 

If you are a multimedia editing company or even an individual freelancer then Flexclip video editor is all you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Flexclip

Flexclip online video editor can be used on any device that has a browser.

One can reach Flexclip customer support by visiting their contact us page.

The downloaded video format will be MP4 and resolution will be 480p, 720p and 1080p (4K video download is not available).

Flexclip online video editor is pioneered by PearlMountain. This company is in the business of producing a lot more other multimedia editing tools. PearlMountain has positive reviews on various reviews websites. 

Yes, you will get your money back guaranteed within 7-days if you are not satisfied. 

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