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  • Arbaz Khan
  • June 18, 2022
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With Convertbox ugly, outmoded static popups are now things of the past. For the success of your campaign try this awesome online form builder that is loaded with loads of features.

If you are looking to drive more sales and leads by engaging the right visitors at the right time then this Convertbox review is only for you.


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What is ConvertBox?

It is a multi-platform lead generation online form builder that has a plethora of features which is required for the success of the campaign.

convertbox review

This advanced online form builder has:

  • Intelligent targeting
  • Attractive lead capture forms
  • Multiple choice funnels
  • Drag & drop form creation
  • A/B split testing

Why Using an Online Form Builder?

Based on the information provided by users, lead generation is a process of acquiring this information. The most effective and efficient way of acquiring the lead is through forms. 

Back in the day or even today, you must have seen the subscription boxes on the websites. Sounds Great? Yeah

But the ground reality is different, people only put their email on it until they have a compelling reason to do it.

As I always mention in all my posts that not all of us are gifted with coding skills. Those who do not know the coding are unable to create an attractive looking form from scratch. This is where online form builders come as a saviour for them. Online form builders allow you to create forms quickly and easily.

Benefits of Online Form Builders

1. Easy to Use: With the use of online form builders coding knowledge is out of the question. They have an exceptionally simple and easy to use interface. It is loaded with different options to customise your form as per your specifications.

You can arrange the fields and create any form within minutes. 

Online form builders are also easy to integrate with the platform you are using. 

2. A/B Testing of Forms: If you want to increase your user engagement, reduce bounce rate, minimise risk and most importantly increase the conversion rate then A/B testing is a must. One of the best features of these online form builders is the ability to test your forms. To maintain the lead quality it is extremely important to create the right form.

3. Customisation: Customisation features of any online form builder are like the weapon of the soldiers on the battlefield. 

As per your desire, use the customisation features of online form builders. With the prebuilt customised template, you can create attractive looking forms that fit on all the devices.

Features of ConvertBox

Now you must have learnt that forms are very important, especially for blogs. Let us now explore the ConvertBox dashboard and its different functions. 

Tidy Dashboard

convertbox dashboard

The interface of the dashboard is very clean and easy to use. 

You can add up to 10 different websites. 

You can click on the +Group to create a new group or +New ConvertBox.

convertbox create new group

Two options will be displayed: Overlay and Embedded.

types of convertbox


After selecting the overlay select template and design as per your need. Open the template in the editor which is easy to use (you can drag from the position and easy to move). ConvertBox editor is not messy as they have taken away the things that you do not need. 

convertbox template
convertbox customisation

You even have the option to stop showing the box (through cookie measures) when somebody is opted-in.

convertbox setting


This section of the dashboard mainly consists of triggers like when and how to display the ConvertBox. In the trigger section, you will get options to display the form. 

Time on page – To set the form popup when the visitor is on the page 1 seconds

Frequency – for each visitor how often do you want to display the ConvertBox. 

Location – Add the display rules if the ConvertBox is set up on different platforms. 


By default, it is set to show to all visitors, but you can set conditional rules for specific visitors.

convertbox targetting

Example: If your visitors specifically come from Facebook then you can set a conditional rule as {referring source contains}.

Other than the above-mentioned example, it has an ample amount of conditional rules that you can set if you want to display the ConvertBox form to specific visitors. 


In this section, you can give the name of your ConvertBox so that it can be identified easily. Also, you can up the active/inactive status here along with a schedule of start and end dates or times. 

After setting up the Convertbox click on the finish button in the top right corner to launch it. You will be taken down to the main dashboard.

convertbox launch

Installation Of ConvertBox

From the profile icon on the dashboard navigate to installation. It will show two options.

Option 1 WordPress

Option 2 Add script to your site.

convertbox installation

As most bloggers like me use WordPress and even the business websites are using WordPress option 1 is great for you. In option 1 you will get a WordPress plugin which you can download and install on your WordPress website.

ConvertBox Popup Use Cases

Let us just take a scenario:

Suppose a visitor comes to your website and for a period there is no activity or he/she is about to abandon the page. To entice the customer you can give them a coupon code for a certain discount. For these types of situations, you can set the popup in the display option for periods of no activity and also click on the page abandonment option.

ConvertBox Pricing

ConvertBox is working on the early access model which means they do not have any fixed price, but they offer a ConvertBox lifetime deal of $495/ One Time. This $495 is the lifetime fee.

Despite being this Lifetime I have one point to say: It will be great if it has a monthly option so that new bloggers can use this tool.

ConvertBox Support

Always look for support before buying any software. Convertbox has help desk support on their website. I have never got the chance to use their help desk support (which is a good sign). But you can send your request to their support team and within 24 hours they will respond to you.

Frequently Asked Questions on ConvertBox

No, ConvertBox is plug-in-play software that can be installed with one click.

Yes, You can download and install it from the ConvertBox dashboard. 

It integrates with almost all the major platforms such as GetResponse, Mailchimp, Zapier, AWeber, and many more.

From one ConvertBox account, you can run 10 websites and Up to 250,00 views per month. 

ConvertBox can be used by anyone, typical users are Startups, Bloggers, Freelancers, Small businesses, SMEs, etc.

Yes, you can get a ConvertBox lifetime deal of $495/ One Time from this 👉 link

Yes, Absolutely. If you want to grow your website lead generation then ConvertBox is the right tool for you.

Yes, they have a 30-days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the tool.

Yes, ConvertBox is compatible with all mobile devices, including iOS and Android platforms.

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