How to Do Blogging from Your Mobile Phone?

blogging from mobile phone

Your smartphone can be used to create a blog. Yes, you heard it right. But It does not mean it will be like walking in the garden.

Here in this post, I will clear all your query related to mobile blogging. So that you can easily blog through your smartphone or other handheld devices.

What is Mobile Blogging Aka Moblog?

As the name suggests, It means blogging through the mobile phone (smartphone, tablet, phablet or any handheld device). Blogging through mobile phones or any handheld device is classified as Moblogs or mobile blogging. But this is an informal term because technically blog submission can be done through a notebook also.

Why Mobile Blogging?

With the advent of smartphones to everyone, their use also increased. Today’s smartphones are capable of performing even the biggest tasks. Anyway, the basic principle of technology is to give us convenience. Using a mobile phone for blogging is also a convenience for any blogger.

There are several reasons for mobile blogging:

  • To record and publish your thoughts immediately.
  • When you do not have a decent computer.
  • When you can not access the computer (like immediately, feeling lazy, or not having a place which is quite common during travelling).
  • Internet issue, as personal computers consume more internet data than small devices.
  • Availability of several easy to use mobile blogging applications.

Benefits of Mobile Blogging

Blogging from your phone has some advantages. Below is the list of a few advantages that you will get if you blog from your phone.

1. Blogging will be in Your Pocket

As an inspirational blogger ideas can strike you anytime, when this happens all you need is to just pick up the handheld device and pour your idea on it. It will hardly take your few seconds instead of opening the laptop and finding the workable surface, waiting for it to power on, during this lengthy process there are high chances your idea might slip out of mind.

2. Quick Blogging

If you are a blogger where pictures are an integral part then smartphones and their easy to use editing applications will be ideal for you to do the quick uploading and publishing.

3. Plethora of Blogging Applications

Play stores nowadays are filled with a plethora of blogging applications. These applications provide a smooth buttery path for you to publish your post without any difficulty.

Problems Encountered During Mobile Blogging

Due to several reasons, mobile blogging has some disadvantages.

1. Device Size

One of the major problems in mobile blogging is the device size. A bigger screen has its advantages. Due to the tiny screen, eyes get distressed if the blogging task is done for long. Although today’s smartphones have big screens, they are not big enough for a hassle-free blogging experience through them.

2. Difficulty in Multitasking

Modern-day smartphones now come with processors that are capable of multitasking. We cannot deny the fact that multitasking on bigger screen computers is seamless while it is very hard to multitask on the small screen devices.

3. Typing Issues

As said above, blogging on small screen devices is not so easy. For instant messaging typing can be fun but for long articles or blogs, it can become a nightmare. Those who have been using both mobile and personal computers for blogging always prefer a full-size computer keyboard for typing the content.

4. Mobile Phone Performance Issues

Using mobile phones for a long time causes heating issues. This results in a decrease in the performance and the long term result is damaging the device. This is not only the issue you will face but also the speed of the device due to RAM limitation also occurs. On the other hand, personal computer hardware and software are designed for heavy multitasking while the basic purpose of mobile devices is calling and texting.

5. Tools Limitation

Yes, blog editing and publishing tools are available for mobile devices but they have different performances on the big screen computers or laptops. Consider the fact that tools are fully available for personal computers and their mobile counterparts are nowhere near it.

It will be next to impossible to do when you design your website page on mobile phones. Mobile applications have limited features as compared to the online editor.

Best Platforms for Doing Mobile Blogging

If you have decided to do blogging through mobile phone then below are the curated platforms/methods that will help you in that:

1. WordPress 

Either or, WordPress has no match when it comes to blogging.

In the browser, you will get the same layout of the dashboard as on the big screen. Spaces between each function are enough for you to perform the activity in the small mobile browser.

WordPress blogging platform

A mobile application also has the similar interface and tools both web editor and mobile browser offer.

WordPress All device platform

2. Blogger


Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms and will be an ideal choice if you are planning for mobile blogging. Without any hassle, you can connect your custom domain. If your mobile phone is capable of sending email then Blogger mobile Works with it. 

You can turn your email account into a blog post-application. To post your blog through email (“Mail-to-Blogger”) follow the below steps:

  • Go to Blogger settings
  • Navigate to Email
  • Create mail-to-blogger address
  • The address will be “,”. Here “username” is your blogger username and “secretword” is the word you entered in the box.

How to Publish a Blog Post from Email?

  • Login to your email account.
  • Add your content title in the subject line of the composed mail.
  • Add post content in the email body along with the images.
  • Send it to your created mail-to-blogger address.

3. Tumblr


Those who have been using Tumblr for a long time might know that it is a 3-in-1 platform (microblogging, social media network and blog editing tool).

If you’d like to publish your post through email then you can do this with Tumblr. As they have made it very easy to publish posts on desktops as well as from mobile devices. To publish via email; on the custom email address, you need to send an email of the post which you wish to publish.

4. MyBlog – Blogging app

Myblog app

It is a free mobile blogging application. Simply sign up and be ready to publish your blog post. The application interface is super clean and easy to use. You can follow other bloggers, and search as well as bookmark any published post. 

This app is designed and developed by Harshita App Tech, an India based company. 



If you want to share your writing on the web anonymously then is for you. One of the best things about this tool is that you do not need to sign up, open the application or browser editor, write your thoughts and publish anonymously. 

Other than the writing they have: – A tool for publishing and sharing your photos on the web. – For accepting the submissions. In their distraction-free editor writers can enjoy effortless submissions. – For your blog on this tool is the commenting system. 


Mobile blogging has its perks, for example, you can break the news very quickly through moblog. You can be ahead in the competition by quickly publishing the content on your blog. With the advancement in smartphones, it is becoming way easier than in the past to edit and publish blog posts. 

FAQs on Mobile Blogging

I’ve done my best to cover the perks, challenges, and tools to help our bloggers understand mobile blogging better. However, some questions may remain which I have tried to cover in this FAQ section.

These days smartphones are powerful and affordable. So, any mid-range smartphone is capable of the tasks performed during mobile blogging. Even a normal mobile phone with multimedia and email facility is capable of blog publishing if you configure the mail to blog option. Like in Tumblr, bloggers, etc we can set custom email addresses to post content on our blog via email.

For hassle-free mobile blogging, a smartphone with a 5 to 6 inches screen having a decent processor and at least 2 GB of RAM is enough.

For blogging through mobile phones I am using Redmi 9 Active 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM variant. I would suggest not to go more than ₹15k because you can buy a new laptop/desktop computer starting from ₹18k. 

It does not matter from where you are publishing your content. The only thing that matters for earning money through blogging is content. If you are capable of blog post publishing from your smartphone then you can earn money.

WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Typepad, etc are a few best mobile applications that are considered as best for blogging. Their applications have almost all the editing tools as the web editor. Their application is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

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