Tips on How to Write a Listicle [+ Ideas and Best Practice]

How to Write a Listicle

The best way to get huge traffic along with thousands of backlinks – is “Write list post”.

Doing it in the right way is crucial for the success of the post.

What is a Listicle?

Listicle Meaning: They are simple compilation posts in a thematic structure that have lots of information (engaging ones). This compilation list can be of anything depending on the industry. 

When people share or bookmark on different platforms it results in a backlink. So, if your listicle has a huge number of shares this will result in thousands of backlinks.

I have been following for a long time. They have lots of shares which results in having backlinks. 

backlink data of list25

If you are not getting the backlinks then you must not have created the list post in the right way. 

Why Do These List Posts Work So Well?

There are several reasons why these listicles (also known as “List posts”) work so well. some of the reasons are curated below:

Fast-Paced Life: While reading a long piece of content, we tend to read either bullet points or the headings. The reason for this is very simple: our modern life has become fast-paced. We all are in a hurry and do not have the time to read lengthy articles. We need peace and relaxation to read these long articles, but today’s life has become very stressful.

Most people these days want things that are easy to consume without taking too much time. These list posts are perfect for people with a short attention span.

Super Easy to Write: Most content creators like to create the list posts because they are easy to write. All you need is to write down the list and fill it in. It also allows the content creators to organise the post structure without any hassle. 

Catches Attention: Ever wondered why magazine covers use numbered lists. These numbers tell the exact content in the form of a list they will be reading, instead of being in a dilemma about the content size. 

To catch the attention focus on the numbers (5-15 list is ideal) beyond that it will be annoying. High numbers may even lose credibility.

  • List numbers should not be too low.
  • List numbers should not be too high.

How to Find Ideas for List Posts (Popularly known as Listicles)?

Creating more and more list content in hope of getting traffic and backlink does not work. To get the success of your list post you need to create the same idea of an already succeeded post in your niche. 

Example: Suppose in your niche a post having the title “6 Secret tips of getting backlinks” got lots of shares and backlinks. In this situation, you have to write content with double the tips. 

Now the question arises, how could you find these types of already successful list posts?

Do not worry here is how you can do it. 


Indeed on the best website to get list post ideas in different niches. According to them the main purpose of creating this website is to share the posts in list format. As human beings, we have always had a desire to rank things and the outcome is To get your next viral list post you can get ideas from their posts. 

2. BuzzSumo

When you are looking for the best list post niche then BuzzSumo is the best option one can get. As we all know BuzzSumo is a high authority website and most of its posts receive huge traffic. To find the list post of your niche simply search the topic in the Buzzsumo search field. 

For example: if you want to write about the marketing niche, from the below image you can see what the result will look like. 

buzzsumo content share

3. Using Google Search Operators

Being an expert search engine marketer my priority is to get the most from the Google search results. For that, I rely on using the power of Google search operators. If you are an expert in utilising the Google search operators you can use it.

“list of top” intitle:health this is just an example, you can find thousands of ways to utilise Google search operators.

Google intitle operator

4. From Others Blog Popular Post Widgets

popular post widget

Most bloggers add popular post widgets. For your niche, you can find this popular posts widget on your competitor’s website. 

Here is my honourable mention to for the entertainment category. Any newbie blogger can get motivation from BuzzFeed listicles for writing their next list posts.

How to Write List Post Content?

After finalising the idea of the topic, now you have to write it. Believe me writing list post content is like a running hot knife on butter.

Step 1: Compiling the List

Topic research is very important before writing content, this stands also true for writing the list posts. A simple google search on the topic will give you thousands of list post results, which can be analysed to make a comprehensive list. 

Step 2: Length of List Should be Medium

A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 30 lists is enough. List posts that lie in between these numbers have greater chances of going viral than lists below and above them. As 5 sounds good and the discussion below this number will be a waste of time.

Most bloggers see huge numbers in the list posts as an opportunity, but we need to understand beyond a certain point people stop reading and this also stands true for the huge list posts. 

Step 3: Use your Tone

A personal touch is very crucial when you write either normal or list post content. Your tone always defines your audience. People like to read the content not only for the information, they also like to read because of the tone, writing style and personal touch of the writer.

Step 4: Keyword Research

While writing normal content or list post content, keywords always play a key role in ranking the posts. There are several best Keyword research tools available such as Semrush, Ahrefs, etc which can be used to find the right set of targeted keywords.

Best Practice for List Posts

a. Create Attractive Headline

The main mantra of marketing is “what you see sells” and to see by people you need to attract their attention. Here I am not referring to the clickbait title, I am talking about the real and attractive titles. List posts give you the best opportunity to create the best attractive title that catches the user’s attention.  

b. Choose the Same Format for All Listicles

Thanks to the easy to use website platforms these days. WordPress is one such platform which most bloggers these days use. While creating the list post always stick to the formatting and follow the same formatting for the upcoming ones also. 

c. Always Creates Simple List

People love to read simple list posts. Create a blend of list posts that have catchy titles, and simple to read lists to wow your audience. 

d. Create Suspense With Expandable List

Expandable list posts are the best way to engage your readers. While reading the list items visitors are always curious to explore the list. The level of curiosity increases if it is an expandable list allowing visitors to check the item list in different ways. 

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