How to Save Images from Google Docs (6 Quick Methods)

How to Save Images from Google Docs

Being a full-time blogger, Google doc is my main writing tool. For me, it is the best desktop word processor alternative. It will be better to use cloud-based applications such as Google Docs, due to the uncertainty of the physical drives

This cloud-based app has almost all the features which anyone requires. One can add tables, charts, YouTube videos, hyperlinks, images, etc. Google Docs has all the options and tools that a word processor consists of, but still, a notable feature which is missing from Google Docs is “save image as”. 

While working with other bloggers, I get articles in Google Docs. But the main problem arises if the document has images in it, you cannot just right-click and save it on the computer. 

So, how can you save images from Google Docs? In this post, I will share a few tricks on how to save an image from Google Doc quickly. 

Let us dig deep into the 6 quick methods on how to download an image from google docs.

Quick Methods to Save an Image from Google Docs

1. Publishing doc on Web

Any published page on the browser allows you to save the images. Google docs allow you to publish a document on the web, it has this awesome built-in feature. By publishing the document on the web you will be able to open it on the browser. Once the document is published on the web you will be able to save an image from Google Docs very easily.

Steps to publish Google document on the web:

  • Click on “File” from the menu
  • Navigate to share > publish on web
  • Click publish and then ok
Google docs publish on web
  • Copy the published URL
  • Paste the published link into a new tab
Google docs publish on web link
  • Right-click on an image and select save image as.
Google docs publish on web save image

Publishing a doc on the web is one of the simplest methods to save images from Google Docs.

2. Google Keep

This second method is the most comfortable way of saving images from Google documents. Google keep is a note-taking app that is included in Google Docs and it can be used to save the images in Google docs. 

Steps to save images in Google Docs using Google Keep:

  • Right-click on the image
  • Go to View more actions > Save to Keep
Google docs image keep
  • Right-click on the image shown in the right bar
  • Click on “save image as” to download it on your local computer drive.
Google docs keep save image

Awesome, you have saved your image as well as your precious time. 

3. Download as HTML

If your Google doc has lots of images and you have time obligations then this method is very effective. 

Go to file > download > web page (.html, zipped).

google docs download as html

If you are using Chrome or Firefox go to the download folder (ctrl+J) for the downloaded zip file.

google docs image save

Click show in the folder to locate its downloaded zip file.

Now unzip the folder to see the downloaded images. You can rename the images and use them as per the requirement. 

saved google doc html folder

4. Document Add-on

By using this method we can download several images from the Google document. An add-on named Images Extractor & Remover for extracting and removing images from the google document.

Steps to download images from Google Docs using an add-on:

  • Click on extensions
  • Go to add-ons > Get add-ons
Google docs add on
  • Find Images Extractor & Remover for Docs in the search box
Google docs image extractor & remover
  • To use this add-on you need to give access to your Google account
Image extractor and remover access
  • Once again click on extensions
  • Go to Extractor & Remover for doc > start
Image extractor and remover start

The free version allows you to extract or remove only 4 images. When you use it, you will get 6 options in the right sidebar.

  • Remove images
  • Remove but preserve formatting
  • Remove images and save to Google drive
  • Remove images and save them as a zipped file
  • Extract images to drive
  • Extract GIF images to drive.
Image extract from Google docs

For me “extract images to drive” works as the free version saves the 4 images to Google drive. Upgrade to premium for removing this 4 image limitation.

5. Taking Screenshot

Taking a screenshot of the image present in the document can be a good option (Only good not the best or easy one). Although it is a beginner level method. 

One can use the print screen button of the desktop computer/personal laptop. After pressing the “print scrn” button open the paint application and paste the image. 

You need to crop the area of the image because the print screen button allows you to take a whole screen screenshot. 

To save your time from this daunting task you can install the software “Lightshot” on your windows operating system. The lightshot tool is the fastest way of taking a customisable screenshot on Mac & Win. This tool is loaded with lots of editing features. It also allows you to search for similar images on the internet. 

lighshot tool to save googe docs images

The biggest problem with this screenshot method is the dimension of the image. Because the images stay with a specific dimension in the document but the original dimension varies. This method allows you to take a screenshot of the visible dimension.

If you only want an image without bothering about the original resolution and dimension then this method proves to be the fastest one.

6. Using Microsoft Paint

This method requires a few more steps than usual to save images from Google Docs. The above three methods are easy to do without losing the image dimension and are widely used. This method requires the use of Microsoft Word and Microsoft paint. 

  • Copy the image from Google doc (Ctrl+c or right-click or Edit > copy)
  • Paste it into the Microsoft Word
  • Again copy the image from Microsoft Word and finally
  • Paste it on the paint tool

The reason for adding Microsoft word in between those two is because the copied image from the Google document does not directly paste on the pain tool. 


Google document is one of the popular word processor tools. It is easy to use and often dubbed the best productivity tool. Knowing the right tool or technique is a must to save images from Google docs, which will save your time and require minimum effort.

I hope you have found the above methods useful. All the above-mentioned methods are safe and secure to use. If you have any other tool or technique to save images from Google docs then do share with us in the comment box.


Google docs does not allow you to directly save images from the document. A famous technique, right-clicking > save image as… also does not work on it. Although there are several tricks that one can use to save images from Google docs.

There are several methods which can be used to save images from Google docs. The most widely used methods are: publish doc to web, Google keep, download as web pages, etc.

The quickest method to save all images on Google docs is to download them as a web page (HTML, zipped). Once you unzip the downloaded folder you will find all the images being downloaded from the document.

Using the paint method will take time as it requires three interfaces (Google Docs, MS Word and Paint) to save images.

Image Credits

Freepik and All screenshots were taken by the author, 18 June 2022


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    1. Arbaz Khan says:

      I am glad that you find these Saving images from Google docs methods helpful. I would love to add more methods in future only after trying myself, so that my audience will not find any difficulty in it.

    2. Micheal Essien says:

      Yups definitely these methods are quite helpful, I used to do printscreen and crop it. Thanks mate for making this so easy ☺.

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