How to Check Complete Domain Ownership History?

How to Check Complete Domain Ownership History

You have decided on the name for your next venture, and now you are all set to buy a domain name. Everything is set; now, you need to register the domain name, right?  

It is a straightforward process to register a domain name.  

But wait, have you checked the domain history of the domain name you will register?

Oh! People love the domain name and buy it without checking its history. Every domain has a domain registration history, so don’t be quick.

Why Checking Domain History?

You would not attribute any trouble to your new venture, especially something with a sinister past. The same is also true for the domain name. 

Why Checking Domain History

A domain leaves its footprints in cyberspace which can be easily traced. The domain name you want to buy may have its history. Different owners might have used the chosen domain name for other purposes. Past of a domain matters on the internet, especially for the search engines.

Reasons for checking domain history:

  • It might have a record of malicious programming.
  • It might have an account on illegal websites like gambling, porn, etc.
  • It might have a history of sensitive content.

How to Check Domain History?

Look into these tools to check domain history online.

1. Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine

If you want to see how the domain looks in the past, then the Wayback Machine is the best tool. This tool is called the time machine of the domain because it allows anyone to see the older version of the website. To check how the website looks, you must click on the date on the way back. 

Wayback Machine ( is a free-to-use tool suitable for checking how a website looked in the past. It is a library of millions of websites, books, software, movies, etc. Money is required to run any digital property. Although this tool is free, you can donate by visiting their donation page. The Internet Archive has preserved our digital culture for the past 25 years.

2. DomainTools


This tool offers personal membership. It has both monthly and yearly membership plans. With an annual membership, you can save over 15%. Current personal membership pricing: $99/per month/user or $995/per month/user. With the Domain Tools annual plan, get two months free.

Their premium service will give you historical data on the domain. In DomainTools, you can see domain screenshot history, Whois history, hosting record, domain monitor, name server monitor, etc. This is an excellent tool to know if the domain is good or bad for your next venture. The paid membership price of DomainTools is on the higher side, which is the only disadvantage of this tool.



This is one of the most popular and well-known domain history checker tools. This tool is free to use if you do not want to spend a single buck on checking the domain history. You can have historical data of any domain name or IP address without spending any money. 

Before purchasing any domain name, you need to check its public information. By using, one can check whether a domain is currently registered or not. This tool sends you an email (notification) about changes in the domain information you wish to buy. 

All the information on the current registrar can be checked on, which is perfect for checking if any correction is required in the current details.

4. Hosterstats


Hosterstats is another free-to-use tool that allows you to check the DNS details of any domain name. This tool has domain statistics of over 5 million hosting providers based on the nameservers. 

Another great tool to trace the ownership history of the domain name. 

5. SecurityTrails


From 2008 they collect all the information, which leads them to have a database that contains a whopping trillion DNS records, billions of WHOIS records, and millions of hostnames.

This tool has become people’s personal favourite due to its high accuracy. To get access to most of the data, you need to sign up wherein the dashboard; you can see all the information.

6. Complete DNS

complete DNS

It is another free-to-use domain registration history checker tool with free usage statistics for three reports. By using Complete DNS, you can check changes and drop records of the domain name.

They claim to have the largest DNS record history database. If you want to check 5,000 domains at once, then their premium bulk domain history checker will be the best option.

7. WhoISrequest


With the limitation of 5 free lookups over a certain period, WhoisRequest is a free-to-use DNS checker tool. All the top-level domains (TLD), like COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ and US, have been tracking nameserver changes since 2002. 

This is an excellent tool to check if your domain name was registered before or not.

8. Whoxy


This website is a whois search engine and proves to be handy when you are looking to check domain ownership history along with old nameserver records. They contain 345 million domain name records. The pricing of Whoxy is cheaper compared to its competitors.

Check Backlink History to Track Past Record 

Checking domain backlinking track records is very important. To boost your SEO ranking, a domain must have a past clean track record. 

Checking backlinks of the domain name is like checking the past accidental records of a second-hand car. While buying a used car, it is essential to check its history, especially its past accidental records. The same applies to the domain name you will purchase for your new business or blog. 

A. Using SEMrush

One of the renowned SEO tools available on the Internet is Semrush. You can do a lot of SEO things with this powerful tool. Other than keyword analysis, backlink checking is another major strength of Semrush.

Use Semrush to check all the backlinks of the domain name you wish to buy. After getting the domain backlinks from the Semrush tool, filter out the bad links (if it has) and evaluate the percentage to decide whether to buy the domain or not. 

Bad links can be tackled by disavowing them if the percentage is meager.

B. Using Google 

Google search box can be used to check the mention of any word on the internet. Although this is not the best way to check the backlink, one can check the domain name mentioned on any other website.

You can double-quote the domain name in the search box to check the domain mentions and hit enter. This will show the positive and negative mentions of the domain name in any article, blog, etc.


The next operator which can be used is Using this Google operator, you can find the website’s indexed pages. The purpose of this operator is to check if the domain name has any indexed page on google (including any parked one.). Make sure it delivers 0 results. If it has few effects, then take out a few minutes from your time to investigate it.


It will be a waste of time, money and effort if you blindly buy a domain name without digging out its history. By checking out the history of the domain you wish to buy, you will be able to find if it is blacklisted, penalised by google, previously used for spammy purposes, etc.

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