7 Awesome Benefits of Having a Company Blog

company blog benefits

What if I tell you that people all around the globe visit around 20 billion+ web pages per month.

Not enough to satisfy you, 65% of the world’s population (meaning 5 billion people of the Globe) uses the internet.

Still, wondering why your business website needs a blog?

Are you planning to give your business a digital presence?

or it is already in the digital space but without the blog, then you are losing the much-deserved traffic on your website. 

If we compare businesses having blogs and without having blogs then you will be surprised to know that a business website having a blog produces 65% more sales lead each month than the businesses that do not have a blog.

Few Statistics:

  • 60% of US customers have purchased after reading and under the influence of a blog post.
  • 45% of digital marketers admit that blog posts are one of the most important methods of content marketing.
  • Business websites that have a blog enjoy 95% of inbound links than a business website without a blog.
  • Business websites that have a blog have 450% more indexed pages than their blogless competitors

Before proceeding further we first need to clearly understand the difference between a website and a blog. A website is a place of information that can be accessed through the world wide web (WWW). You must have seen social media, question and answer forums, eCommerce stores, etc all these are examples of websites.

A blog is a section of the website that is enriched with the content to provide the specific and right information to the visitors.

All blogs are contained in the website but not all websites have a blog.

Still, the questions arise like:

Why do we need to Invest in the company blog? How will it impact the company’s sales?

There are plenty of lucrative studies that will answer all of these mountain-like questions.

Benefits of Having a Company Blog

1. Increase in Traffic and ROI (Return on investment)

Increase traffic and ROI

Some of the studies show that having blogs on the business website increases traffic by 70% which can increase 65% sales leads. This 65% increase in the sales leads always has a 10-15% of positive return on investment.

The more traffic you get on your blog posts increases the chance of customer conversion. Converting a blog content reader into a customer is a tricky part but you have to act clever. As a website owner, you should not leave any stone unturned. All the internal linking, call to action, and contextual links should be well optimised. Here the purpose is very clear; we have to open all the doors of conversion chances. 

To increase the blog traffic we need to focus on the below points:

Speak Directly to your Audience: If people like to read what you have posted then they will be very happy to share it on different social media platforms, with people, or on any medium.

Example: If you are in the business of recyclable products and your posts bluntly tell the negative impact of plastics on the environment and how these recyclable products are a perfect alternative. This will attract your reader’s attention.

Publish Frequently: Publishing frequently has its advantages like search engines will frequently visit your blog. Adding up fresh content will give users new and informative content regularly which can result in returning visitors.

2. Increase in Brand Awareness

brand awareness

Before we proceed on how a blog helps in increasing your brand awareness let us first clarify the marketing term “Brand Awareness”. It is simply customer recognition of any brand by its name. 

Example: If anyone says McDonald’s – What will be the first thing that comes to your mind. “Burger” right? 

What if someone says “Gucci”? Obviously – a high-end luxury fashion brand. 

Similarly, one of my blogger friends Ankit Singla has created the Brand name for his blog “Master blogging”

semrush masterblogging data
Semrush Data
ubersuggest masterblogging data
Ubersuggest Data

As you can see from the above image 80% of the traffic on his blog comes from two branded keywords. This is all due to the brand awareness he has created through different marketing techniques. 

All of the above are examples of brand awareness. Large companies spend millions of dollars per year on their marketing strategy for brand building and awareness. 

3. Helps in Internal Linking

internal linking

Internal linking serves the same as citing sources in the bibliography of the school paper. Internal linking in the blog content gives depth to your website. This will allow users to navigate within the content instead of finding the content.  

With the internal linking in the company blog bounce rate of the website will automatically decrease. With the contextual linking user will navigate from one page to a different page which results in a lower bounce rate. 

4. Builds Customer’s Trust in Your Business

customers trust in business

When you have a blog, you are giving your customers an open opportunity to connect with you. This connection could be deeper depending on the level of trust they have in your business. This trust will become more strong when they will communicate with you through the comment section or through any of the communication fields such as social media.

The tone of the person behind the business through the content will give a reader a clear-cut idea about your business values, vision, and mission. People are more likely to have business with a trusted person than with the spectre.

You need to build this blogging customer relationship and that can be done via replying to their comment and solving their query; all this should be done quickly as nobody likes to wait for long. Your tone in the reply should always be formal, remember when you are in direct customer dealing you should never lose your calm. Be polite while answering and always open to feedback. Nothing in this entire universe is perfect. There is always a chance of improvement so it will be always good if you welcome all kinds of feedback.

If the feedback is good then give a pat on your back and if the feedback is bad then try to learn and improve by taking points from it. Only those businesses are durable for long races that quickly turn feedback into feedforward.

5. Delivers Long Term Results

long term results

The benefits of blogging for business are endless. There are many types of readers of blog content. Some reads for informational purposes, some reads for educational purposes, and some reads just for fun. Being a content creator you need to create content that can drive educational and entertainment value. It will be better if you create something that stimulates demand for something that they don’t know they wanted at first. 

For the readers who just read for fun in their spare time. If your content is catchy and engaging these single-time users will like to come again and again to your blog. This will increase the chance of customer conversion.

6. You Can Repurpose Company Blog Posts on Social Media

company blog on social media

Social media has a vast and versatile audience. People these days spend more time on social media channels. Most Businesses either offline or online are utilising the opportunities given by social media to expand their customer reach.

Every time you post new content on your company blog you can post it on social media channels. This will improve the chance of post visibility. When you create an engaging post people will share it which results in exposure in front of a new audience that you may know yet.  

7. Helps in Establishing Your Business as an Industry Leader

Industry leader

The increase in the readership directly depends on the relevant information you add to your company blog. When you deliver the right content for your industry this will create trust as a leader in your audience. Ultimately becoming the industry leader will increase your customer loyalty.  

These simple actions will help you in establishing your business as an industry leader. 


To make your business more and more competitive, blogging plays a key role. Benefits of a company blog:

  • It will increase exposure.
  • It will help in brand-building awareness.
  • It will keep your existing customers engaged. 
  • It will help in attracting new visitors.
  • It will help as a positive impact on your marketing strategy.
  • It will provide long-term benefits.

FAQs on Business Blogging

It is a marketing strategy that uses blog posts to get your business more online visibility.

Yes, It will. It will give exposure, keep your existing audience engaged, build brand awareness, attract new visitors, etc.

Promote your company blog through SEO strategy. Create high authority website inbound links. Use social media and other channels to attract more visitors. If you have a budget then you can do paid promotion.

You have to analyse your user’s journey like why and where your user is finding you. Do you have any compelling things to offer? One of the most important things is to optimise your call to action so that your visitor can easily convert into a customer.

Utilise Semrush tool for getting blog content ideas. You can use several tricks for getting blog content ideas such as analysing competitors’ existing posts and so on.

Content is valuable for any blog post. It is the best method to communicate with the readers. But, if you have high spam comments then use the best spam filter tool and comment moderation.

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